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Presented the EMA Show great event of Sports and Adventure

EMA SHOW 2011 Prees meeting

Foto:Hummer Expeditions
Descripcion:EMA SHOW 2011...
EMA SHOW 2011 Press meeting
Foto: Hummer Expeditions
Foto:Hummer Expeditions
Descripcion:EMA SHOW 2011 Press Meeting...
EMA SHOW 2011 Press meeting
Foto: Hummer Expeditions

Caracas, May 2011 (It presses Ema Show) -.

In Press conference realised this morning in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Venezuelan-German was presented/displayed the EMA formally Show, event of the vehicles all land, tourism and sport of adventure that will be carried out in the Facilities of the CIEC in the Metropolitan University, from the 19 to the 22 of May of the present year.

The EMA Show will be organized by the expeditionary well-known and industralist, Tony Vela'zquez in society with the company Confex Decorating and Confex International.

This event will be unique in the country since it will count on the presence of companies, manufacturers and distributors of equipment, accessories and technologies for the world of the cars all land and operators of adventure sport, hotels, inns, clubs, and an endless ones of marks that will exhibit their products and services of direct way towards the final consumer. Of equal way the consumer will be able to find all those accessories that its vehicle needs.

To which the pleasing presence of members of the ethnic group will be added pemón of the Valley of Kamarata, which they will arrive from his lands to exhibit his artisan products. Great of the present sport of adventure The Ema Show will count on a select sample of stands for organizations of sport events and athletes of non traditional sports and controlled risk, so that thus all of them generally have a display cabinet of promotion and spreading of their different activities for the attending companies and public. “This way as much athletes as organizing will be able to exhibit their profits, feats, as well as to generally present/display its projects and some conferences related to the world of the sport and the activities indoors”, explained Vela'zquez about the presence of these talented athletes.

It honors Vela'zquez who is an event of national connotation, since the scope of the tourism and the sports of adventure will participate representing in of several states of the country, between which they will be Barinas, Carabobo, Merida, Táchira, Vantage point, Bolivar and Zulia.

The exhibition of sport and adventure will have the representation of different disciplines and outstanding athletes in: Kayak, Rafting, Trecking, Scaling, Surf, Bodyboard, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Mountain bike, Hang-glider, Parachuting, Paramotor, among others. Also the action will be overflowed with the great race that will be carried out Sunday 22 of May, CHALLENGES EMA that will be a test of adventure in the heat of Caracas large city that it looks for to emphasize the cultural and sport values of the Venezuelan capital.

The competition will count on activities like Trekking (Mountain Long walk), special Mountain Bicycle, Tests, Sport Direction, systems of cord, having one sumatoria approximated of about 100 kilometers and one duration of approximately 10 hours for the winning equipment and 18 hours for the last equipment that crosses the goal.

Within the framework of the EMA Show, Saturday 21 of May from the 10 in the morning will be realised the “Congress on Eco-tourism, Handling of Rescues in Natural Disasters and Sports of Risk Controlled in Venezuela”, which will be point of contact of national and international clubs, companies, institutions, organisms, associations to set out ideas and to make decisions for the future from the nontraditional sports in our country and stimulating its growth altogether harmony with the environment. “The idea is to make an event different, very technician and that the participants by means of the congress add themselves to the workings of promotion of the tourism of adventure in Venezuela, as well as to know how what to do simply in an expedition if a emergencia appears or like handling sport marketing”.
Vela'zquez expressed.

The EMA Show will have a space to the clubs of vehicles all land of all the country for the purposes of which they set out his projects for the care of the atmosphere, will be present: Rescue Great Savannah 2012, a hand for the victims of the Guajira discharge, and Venezuela 4x4, among others.

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