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Tony Velázquez
Pilot and Leader
Hummer Venezuela 2010
Tony Velázquez was born in Mérida - Venezuela, is married with an excellent sport woman and had a son named Alan Jonathan and a daughter Samantha Savanna. He has always been in touch with other cultures either for his job or for his expeditions in his country and around the world. He started his professional experience on international affairs and then he became a famous entrepreneur within the oil industry. He has always been addicted to extreme sports because he feels the exciting pleasure of adrenaline as he practices them. He is considered one of the best expeditionary, who has driven more than 735.000 km. on his hummer, trough the most distant destinations in the planet, Alaska, the Amazons, The Himalayas, Africa, Asia and all the American continent as well as the Australian. For an expeditionary like Tony, the important matter is not only to reach the proposed destinations, but to relate humanly with the inhabitants of the places that he visits, this helps him to exchange culture and knowledge.

In each journey that Tony prepares, he applies his famous quote "There are no limits on dreaming and accomplishing all the things that others consider impossible"...
"and... when we are in the border, then we knows who are really us..."


Who are we?
We are a non profit organization created by business men from different countries. We have representatives in USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Europe.

This organization was created to explore remote areas around the world and to help people that have not been as lucky as others and are going through different kind of problems.

This big challenge is possible thanks to many international organizations that sponsor these expeditions providing equipments, service or money. We are sponsored by 20 international enterprises, such as: AM General, Goodyear, Osklen, Armor and Radiotrans Motorola.

During each expedition the equipments are tested and the results are sent back to the organizations that use us as their image.

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